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Takamine 12 String

Takamine ETN10C-12: A 12-String Acoustic/Electric Beauty (DISCONTINUED)

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Takamine’s Natural series has always been synonymous with rich, expansive acoustic sound, and the now-discontinued 12-string Natural ETN10C-12 dreadnought exemplified this legacy. Crafted in Takamine’s prestigious pro series facility, renowned for its half-century tradition of building precision-quality instruments, this 12-string acoustic/electric guitar was designed to deliver an unforgettable musical experience.

Body Construction:

The ETN10C-12 boasts a combination of tonewoods that contribute to its exceptional sound. With a solid cedar top, solid sapele back, and sapele sides, this guitar was engineered for optimal resonance and projection. Notably absent is a pickguard, intentionally removed to ensure unimpeded soundboard vibration. The result is a sweet and lively voice that responds beautifully to both a gentle touch and a more robust playing style.

Takamine 12 String
Takamine 12 String

Natural Aesthetics:

In line with the “natural” theme, the ETN10C-12 incorporates a selection of fine woods in its trim and decoration. The rosette features an intricate design with ovangkol and rosewood, adding an elegant touch to the guitar’s appearance. The purfling, made of basswood, and the maple fretboard inlays further enhance the guitar’s aesthetic appeal.


One of the standout features of the ETN10C-12 is its pinless bridge, which simplifies the process of changing strings. This practical addition ensures that musicians can spend more time playing and less time on maintenance.


Takamine 12 String
Takamine 12 String

The ETN10C-12 comes equipped with Takamine’s Palathetic™ pickup, which is highly regarded in the industry for its remarkable accuracy and natural acoustic sound in an electric setting. This pickup system captures the nuances of your playing, making it a top choice among Takamine pro artists. The CT4B II preamp, renowned for its ability to deliver warm, natural acoustic tones even at high sound pressure levels, complements the Palathetic™ pickup perfectly.


While the Takamine ETN10C-12 may have been discontinued, its legacy lives on in the hearts of musicians who had the privilege of playing this remarkable 12-string acoustic/electric guitar. With its carefully selected tonewoods, attention to detail in design, and reliable electronics, the ETN10C-12 is a testament to Takamine’s commitment to producing instruments that elevate the musical experience to new heights.

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