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Stonk o'Tracker

Stonk-O-Tracker: Navigating the Stock World

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Welcome to Stonk-O-Tracker, your go-to website for tracking and sharing public stock-related data. It’s essential to clarify that this platform has no affiliations with any businesses within the stock industry; it’s simply a passion project born out of a love for stocks.

Donations Keep Us Going

While the primary goal isn’t financial gain, the increasing traffic on the site has necessitated finding ways to cover operational costs. For now, we’re in good shape, but if the website’s growth mirrors the stock market’s explosive nature, maintaining it could become more challenging. So, when you’ve secured your ‘tendies’ and appreciate Stonk-O-Tracker, consider making a PayPal donation. Please note that any donations exceeding our running costs will be channeled to a charitable cause (with proof posted).

About Stonk-O-Tracker

At its core, Stonk-O-Tracker is a platform designed to track and publish publicly available stock data. Our mission is driven by a genuine passion for stocks and the stock market.

Stonk o'Tracker
Stonk o’Tracker

What You’ll Find on Stonk-O-Tracker

  1. Call Contracts: We source our call contracts data from Yahoo Finance. The provided amount represents the total value of In The Money (ITM) contracts. The primary column used for calculation is Open Interest (OI), and ITM status is determined based on the most recent stock price available on Stonk-O-Tracker.
  2. Available Shares to Borrow: This figure is provided by Interactive Brokers and denotes the number of shares available for borrowing through their platform. It’s essential to note that this doesn’t reflect the total available shares for borrowing in the market, but it does offer a useful indicator of stock borrowing trends.
  3. ETF Data: Short sellers often employ Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) for shorting stocks. On our stock pages, you’ll find a separate section that consolidates the availability of stock borrowing across various ETFs. We source ETF data from The “Available” figure is calculated by multiplying the total ETF shares available by the allocation percentage.
  4. GME Data: This section is dedicated to GameStop (GME) stock and primarily covers the allocation of GME shares inside ETFs. The “Available” quantity is calculated by multiplying the total ETF shares available by the allocation percentage.
  5. SSR (Short Sale Restriction): For a comprehensive explanation of the SSR rule, please refer to the provided link.
  6. DRS (Direct Registration System): Our DRS data is sourced from, which extracts information from Computer Share data on Reddit.

Data Sources

It’s important to emphasize that Stonk-O-Tracker exclusively presents data that is publicly accessible on the internet. We prioritize transparency and reliability in sharing this information with our users.

Please note that the last data update was on Fri, 20 Oct 23, at 23:16:01 -0400.

Thank you for being a part of the Stonk-O-Tracker community, and we look forward to continuing our journey through the world of stocks and stock-related data.


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