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Google Pixel 8 Review

Google Pixel 8 Review: The Next Big Thing in Smartphones – Here’s Why

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So, Google just threw a big tech party in the Big Apple, and guess what they brought? The Google Pixel 8, the Google Pixel 8 Pro, and even the Google Pixel Watch 2 made an appearance! Exciting, right? But before you go all-in on the Pixel 8 hype train, hold on to your party hat because there are some pretty convincing arguments for why you should play the waiting game and save your excitement for the Google Pixel 9.

Improvements with the Tensor G4 Chip

Google’s Tensor chips have shown potential in previous models but have faced performance issues. The Tensor G3 chip, featured in the Pixel 8, is a step forward, but there’s room for improvement. Reports suggest that Google initially planned to introduce a fully custom, in-house chip for the Tensor G4 in 2024, potentially in the Pixel 9. However, delays in development could push this to the Pixel 10 in 2025. Waiting for a more capable, power-efficient G4 chip makes sense for those who demand top-tier performance.

Google Pixel 8 Review
Google Pixel 8 Review

According to recent reports from The Information, Google initially planned to release a fully custom, in-house chip for the Tensor G4 in 2024 with the Pixel 9. However, it seemed to miss a deadline, so it may not be included in the Pixel 9 after all. We likely won’t see Google’s own custom Tensor chip until 2025 with the Google Pixel 10, and Google will likely still be working with Samsung for the Tensor G4 next year.

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Better Cameras for the Google Pixel 9

The Pixel 8 series saw substantial camera upgrades only in the Pro model, leaving the regular Pixel 8 with relatively unchanged specifications from the Pixel 7. Camera technology often takes significant strides year by year, so it’s reasonable to anticipate improved camera features in the upcoming Pixel 9, such as higher megapixel ultrawide cameras and selfie camera autofocus.

A Possible New Design

Google has maintained the same design aesthetic for its Pixel smartphones since the Pixel 6, spanning three iterations. The Pixel 9 could be the ideal opportunity for a fresh design, potentially a departure from the familiar camera bar and rounded corners. For those craving a design refresh, waiting for the Pixel 9 might be worthwhile.

Unexpected Surprises

Google Pixel 8 Review
Google Pixel 8 Review

Google is known for introducing unexpected features with its Pixel releases. For example, the Pixel 8 Pro brought a novelty temperature sensor, which, while gimmicky, sets it apart from other smartphones. The Pixel 9 could introduce new surprises, perhaps in the form of expanded storage options or the return of features like Active Edge or Soli for hands-free gestures.

More Color Options

Google typically offers a variety of colors for its Pixel devices. With the Pixel 9, you might see new and exciting color choices, including vibrant options like pink or purple. This can add a dash of personality to your smartphone, making it even more appealing.


If you’re in need of a new smartphone immediately, the Google Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro offer excellent choices. However, for those who can afford to wait, holding out for the Pixel 9 is a prudent decision. Improved hardware, camera enhancements, a potential design refresh, unexpected surprises, and a broader palette of color options are just some of the compelling reasons to anticipate what Google has in store for the Pixel 9. By doing so, you might secure a smartphone that surpasses your expectations and stands out in an ever-evolving market.


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