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Braid Anniversary Edition Returns to Challenge Minds and Hearts

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You may recall that in 2020, a release date of 2021 was set for Braid, Anniversary Edition, an enhanced edition of the time-bending puzzle platformer. Unfortunately, the game didn’t come out when it was supposed to, but on Thursday, developer Thekla announced a firm release date: April 30, 2024.

The changes included in the anniversary edition appear to enhance the game’s fundamental spirit without drastically altering it. There are new “hand-repainted” visuals, and you can switch between the old and new ones whenever you like, so long as you have the original files. It features “improved sound” as well as “new mixes and variants of the soundtrack.”

Braid Anniversary Edition Returns

It also features over 15 hours of developer commentary from a wide variety of personalities, such as designer Jonathan Blow and Video Game History Foundation’s Frank Cifaldi. A quote from Blow, however, makes “developer commentary” sound like a euphemism:

You can follow particular threads of commentary spatially, through wormholes that go from level to level to see evolutions of particular concepts; the commentary has lots of markups so we can circle stuff on the screen, point arrows at whatever visual detail we are talking about, show diagrams, play back recordings of gameplay to show what happens if you try doing this or that in a particular level, and many other capabilities.